Complete Test List

Analytical Test
Acid Number ASTM D974
Analytical Ferrogaphy IWI-180
Bacteria Test IWI-350
Base Number ASTM D4739
Chlorine ASTM D5384
Color ASTM D1500
Copper   Corrosion ASTM D130
Crackle IWI-130
Demulsibility ASTM D1401
Dielectric   Strength ASTM D877
Dropping   Point ASTM 2265
EDXRF   Elements IWI-270
Extraction IWI-230
Filter Debris Analysis IWI-271
Flash Point ASTM D92
Flash Point ASTM D 93
Foam Seq 1 ASTM D892
Foam Seq 3 ASTM D 892
Freezing   Point IWI-240
Ftir JOAP Method,   Insight Turbine Method
Fuel Dilution IWI-170
Glycol IWI-340
Gravimetric   Analysis ASTM D4898
ICP   Spectroscopy ASTM D5185
Karl Fischer Water ASTM D 6304   procedure A and C
Membrane Patch   Colorimetry ASTM D-7843
Nitrites IWI-320
Particle Counting Pore   Blockage/Optical
PH IWI-142
Pour Point ASTM D97
Reserve   Alkalinity IWI-143
Rotating Pressure   Oxidation ASTM D2272
Ruler ASTM D6971
Rust A ASTM D665   procedure A
Rust B ASTM D665   procedure B
Specific   Gravity ASTM D1298
Sugar IWI-200
Ultra   Centrifuge IWI-251
Viscosity @   100 ASTM D445
Viscosity @   40 ASTM D445
Viscosity   Index ASTM 2270
Viscosity SUS ASTM D2161
Wear Particle IWI 160
Yeast and   Mold IWI 350